Thursday, March 4, 2010

Come Back, Sara, Come Back....

Every time I clean my fridge, I think about calling Sara
with an invitation.

Several months ago, she stopped by and ‘caught’ me
 in an unbelievable mess.
I’d been at my computer under a mountain of marking,
and had completely ignored my house for weeks.
The cowboy was gone, so I was eating a lot of Cheerios.
I was getting at lot of work done –
just not housework,
 or grocery shopping either, for that matter.

When Sara’s wee baby needed a snack,
I had nothing to give her.
Nothing in the pantry, and nothing in the cupboards.

But then I checked the fridge and found (yippee!)
a container of yogurt.

Alas, when I opened the lid,
 the odour almost knocked us over.
 It was waaaaay past its prime (even for yogurt).

The only other possibility
 was a jar in need of a new label.
The Cheese Whiz had become “Cheese Was”.

And I needed a new 'label' too.
“Mother Hubbard” was more like it.

I can’t remember what that little baby got to eat --
maybe I found some crystallized ice cream.

But I certainly do remember my embarrassment
at the state of my house, and the lack of food.

Sara hasn’t been back,
but I don’t think that’s the reason.
She’s busy with a big family,
and lives a distance away.

But whenever I clean my fridge,
or re-stock my pantry,
I think about inviting her back –
for a ‘kitchen inspection’ party –
just so she knows
it doesn’t always look the way she saw it
 those months ago.

Today, I post another type of invitation.
And this one is open to all.
So come on over!

I’ve been thinking for a long time,
that we don’t celebrate nearly enough.

The occasion?

Clean floors!

You can even wear your white socks!

And, in honour of this grand achievement,
I even have fresh muffins!

But you know it can’t last for long,
so this is a time-limited offer.

After a couple of days, you’ll still be welcome,
but not in your white socks.

Oh, and because fresh muffins
 are a rare treat around here,
they won’t last long.

Better grab a bag of Oreos on your way!