Saturday, February 20, 2010

Winter Projects

Around this place, horses come and horses go…

Well, actually they don’t go (unless they die, that is). My cowboy collects them, I guess.

I totally get that. Collecting, I mean.
I collect fabric.
My stash is so full, for all the projects I’ve planned but haven’t yet started,
that I wonder if I’ll live long enough to use it all.

But, I digress…

This post is about horses:
Around here, they come, and they stay.

Except for this one.
He arrived in my garage in severe need of some TLC.
He is an old-timer, and has seen a lot of miles…

I started with a coat of paint…

…and then the cowboy got involved
and built a sturdy oak base, in case the new owner wants to ride hard…

And now, this horsey is ready to live with his new owner
a little cowgirl named Taylin.

I sure hope she likes him.

Stay tuned for our next project which also has seen a lot of miles. 
A hundred years ago it was a harvest wagon,
but when Grampy Cowboy is finished,
 it will be a playhouse for little GG.

It looks pretty good on the outside, but the inside will be a challenge….

It may take a while, but it’s going to be fun.

We’ll need a road trip to pick out flooring and fabric for curtains.

Ooops, what am I saying? I’ll check my ‘stash’ first.
Pretty sure there will be something there for curtains.

What projects are you working on this winter?
Leave a note, won’t you?