Tuesday, May 19, 2009

House Exchange?

Whoa, Nellie. No time to blog. What was I thinkin’ when I started to blog last fall? Did I forget that summer is crazy-busy? As much as I’d like to keep up, for my two faithful readers, I have no time.

Until the snow came yesterday, I spent most of my days outside. Preparing the soil in my new flower bed took 3 days! Like all the gardens around here, it’s huge. What was I thinkin’? Anyway, it’s done, and I’m waiting for the Lavatera to come up. If it grows and blooms, I’ll take a picture to show you that my hours of work paid off. But don’t hold your breath – I am definitely not the ‘gardener’ around here.

Because my days are spent outside, I’m afraid that the housework has been neglected. The dust bunnies are mating, and the dishes overflow the sink. But I haven’t run out of dishes yet (still have the Tupperware to go through) so there’s no hurry. If you come to visit, we’ll have to sit on the verandah because I won’t let you see inside!

A few days ago, I made a quick trip to a nearby town. The sign outside the community advertised an upcoming event. It read:

plant exchange

I giggled, and wondered where to register. I’d love to exchange my filthy house for a clean one. Do you think the new resident would trade back when she gets this one back in shape?

Happy spring, everyone.

PS I think the sign originally read, "OPEN House and Plant Exchange" but the letters for "Open" may have blown into southern Saskatchewan! Ah spring....you have to love it!